"The Sacred Now" and "How Long" out now

"The Sacred Now" and "How Long," two new singles from the forthcoming album Workin' On A World, are out today. 


Cover photo by Pieta Brown

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About “The Sacred Now,” DeMent notes, “Every day in 2020, some new trauma was being added to the old ones that kept repeating themselves, and like everybody else, I was just trying to bear up under it all. Songs, ever since I was a child, have been lending me a hand. Writing songs, singing songs, putting them on records, has been a way for me to extend that hand to others. One day, in the middle of the mayhem, I got the idea to send a melody and a title for a song I’d been working on to my friend, and fellow songwriter, Pieta Brown. Within a few hours, she’d sent me a handful of verses she’d come up with; I sent her a handful back. We looked over all our verses and noticed that two of hers and two of mine went good together. Abracadabra! The Sacred Now.”  

Workin' On A World comes out on February 24. 

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